This episode explores the discipline of marketing as the main resource to reach customers. The importance of market research and consumer behavior is analyzed to develop an effective strategy. Accordingly, the elements of a tactical plan are discussed, with direct actions that implements the strategy. The episode incorporates the importance of internationalization as a growth strategy.



  • Know the scope of marketing as a functional area in enterprises
  • Be able to design a market strategy based on a market analysis
  • Know how to create a tactical plan that includes activities of product development, pricing, distribution and promotion


  1. Market research – Establishes a research plan for the next 12 months. This may include interviews with key stakeholders, a focus group with clients and supporting resources, analysis of social networks or surveys. Defines the problem or opportunity that requires research, the objectives, the methodology and the analysis of the data collected.
  2. Social network plan – Establish a plan for the social networks you use. Include the type of content you expect to communicate, the dates, graphic elements, frequency and person responsible. Be sure to include scope expectations and evaluate its performance so you can make modifications in the medium term. Establish a fixed time period before making changes to the strategy. Remember that consistency is the key to evaluating performance.
  3. Export – Prepare a list of events related to your industry at the international level. Evaluate the participation requirements and reviews previous events. Define a budget to participate in this type of events. Similarly, identify successful enterprises in your sector in other countries. Contact them through email or social media. Present your work and analyze the possibilities of collaboration.


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