Organizational Design

This episode presents organizational design as a determining factor to implement the strategy of the creative venture. Aspects such as the organizational structure and the importance of human resources, processes and leadership in business management are discussed. Different models are presented to adapt it to the reality of cultural and creative enterprises.


  • Know the importance of organizational design as a tool to implement strategies
  • Define an organizational structure through resources, processes and tasks that respond to the reality of the enterprise
  • Learn to design and implement evaluation indicators for projects and ventures


  1. Tasks, profiles and processes:
    1. Prepare a list of all the tasks that the operation you propose will need, regardless of the people or the profile of the job.
    2. Groups the tasks that should be done by the same person.
    3. Based on this group of tasks, define the profile of the job and person who will perform it.
    4. Group the roles and establish the relationship between the roles and the supervision level. This will allow you to establish an organizational structure based on the real needs of the enterprise.

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