Innovation, Creative Ecosystem and Cultural Citizenship

This episode discusses the last three chapters of the book. The culture of innovation is presented as one of the key aspects in cultural and creative management. The different types of innovation that enterprises can generate are discussed. Likewise, some tools that ventures must establish to promote innovation in products, processes, organizational and marketing are ... Read more

Financial Management

Financial Management This episode discusses some key concepts needed to understand the financial condition of an enterprise. The episode emphasizes on budget development, determining start-up investment need and financing alternatives. Objectives Know the fundamentals of financial statements Know how to design a budget for new projects and ventures Know financing alternatives for creative enterprises Assignment ... Read more


This episode explores the discipline of marketing as the main resource to reach customers. The importance of market research and consumer behavior is analyzed to develop an effective strategy. Accordingly, the elements of a tactical plan are discussed, with direct actions that implements the strategy. The episode incorporates the importance of internationalization as a growth ... Read more

Organizational Design

This episode presents organizational design as a determining factor to implement the strategy of the creative venture. Aspects such as the organizational structure and the importance of human resources, processes and leadership in business management are discussed. Different models are presented to adapt it to the reality of cultural and creative enterprises. Objectives Know the ... Read more

Business Models

This episode presents tools to design a new venture. It also discusses the multiple components of a mission and the development of a value proposition that consider elements beyond the creative product or service. Also, the importance of identifying revenue streams, cost structure and the legal structure that best adapts to the operation of the ... Read more

Market Analysis

This episode presents the importance of incorporating market analysis at all stages of business management and entrepreneurship. We will discuss the aspects of the external environment that affect creative entrepreneurship. The analysis of the value chain is also presented as a tool to understand the different stages of an industry as a mechanism to understand ... Read more

Cultural and Creative Labor Market

This episode presents an analysis on the main research on the cultural and creative labor market. The main challenges of artistic work and the labor profile of artists and creatives are presented. Topics such as labor flexibility, income generation, career selection, second jobs and geographic agglomeration, among others are discussed. Goals Understand aspects related to ... Read more

The Importance of Culture

This episode presents some of the main discussions about culture as a development infrastructure. Some debates between culture and development, globalization, the economic dimension of culture and an introduction on the scope of cultural policies are presented. Objectives Understand the relationship between cultural and creative work and different components of development Understand the main definitions ... Read more


In this episode, the project and its structure are explained. The audiences to which it is addressed include artists, creatives, cultural managers, entrepreneurs, academics and public policy makers. Each episode will address one or more chapters of the book Emprendimiento Creativo (Creative Entrepreneurship), including the most important topics and some updates. Likewise, the concepts of ... Read more

Nuevas Ideas

En este último episodio se discuten 5 nuevas ideas del autor para apoyar la economía creativa dirigidas principalmente a los programas de formación y responsables de política pública. Pensar en un nuevo perfil del profesional creativo que balancee el desarrollo de talento con sus oportunidades de impacto en la economía y la sociedad Utilizar el ... Read more

Innovación, ecosistema creativo y ciudadanía cultural

Este episodio discute los últimos tres capítulos del libro. Se presenta la cultura de innovación como uno de los aspectos claves en la gerencia cultural y creativa. Se discuten los distintos tipos de innovación que pueden generar las empresas. De igual forma, se discuten algunas herramientas que las empresas deben establecer para producir innovación en ... Read more


Este capítulo discute los principales conceptos para entender la condición financiera de una empresa. Se presentan los principales estados financieros y herramientas para analizarlos. El capítulo pone énfasis en el desarrollo de presupuestos para el comienzo de la empresa y búsqueda de las alternativas de financiamiento. Objetivos Saber los fundamentos de los principales estados financieros ... Read more