New Ideas for the Creative Economy

In this last episode, the author discusses 5 new ideas to support the creative economy, mainly directed to training programs and public policy makers. Think of a new profile of the creative professional that balances the development of talent with its opportunities to impact the economy and society Use the model of the 4 P’s ... Read more

Innovation, Creative Ecosystem and Cultural Citizenship

This episode discusses the last three chapters of the book. The culture of innovation is presented as one of the key aspects in cultural and creative management. The different types of innovation that enterprises can generate are discussed. Likewise, some tools that ventures must establish to promote innovation in products, processes, organizational and marketing are ... Read more

Financial Management

Financial Management This episode discusses some key concepts needed to understand the financial condition of an enterprise. The episode emphasizes on budget development, determining start-up investment need and financing alternatives. Objectives Know the fundamentals of financial statements Know how to design a budget for new projects and ventures Know financing alternatives for creative enterprises Assignment ... Read more


This episode explores the discipline of marketing as the main resource to reach customers. The importance of market research and consumer behavior is analyzed to develop an effective strategy. Accordingly, the elements of a tactical plan are discussed, with direct actions that implements the strategy. The episode incorporates the importance of internationalization as a growth ... Read more